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We’d like to make you a square offer: buy all four Squarehead books at the same time and spend less.  As well as saving a few pennies, we’ll help put a few smiles and happy thoughts onto and into your children’s heads.

I am Squarehead

Squarehead is a little boy who lives in a world where everything is square. (You have to be square to be there.) He’s perfectly happy, until one day he has a round thought.  After that, life is never quite the same, but Squarehead makes some fun new friends and learns that, no matter what, it’s OK to be YOU.

Hairy Scary’s Bad Day

By the end of a very difficult day, the Hairy Scary monster who lives under Squarehead’s bed has learned that you don’t have to be like monsters in magazines to be liked. Hugs are better than scares. And the best person to be is yourself.

“Warning. If you buy this book, you may be asked to read it a million times a day.”  Bryan Adams (singer/songwriter).

Chinwag’s Tale

As far as most people in Squaretown are concerned, dogs should know their place.  They chew bones, chase balls and go for walks… and that’s it.  But Chinwag isn’t that sort of dog.  He’s a dog with dreams.  And when people start telling him he can’t do that and he can’t do this because he’s a dog – you’ll never guess what he ends up doing!

“If you believe in yourself, anything is possible.” Jenny Bevan (Oscar-winning costume designer for Mad Max).

Grumpy Ness Finds Happiness

Have you ever woken up under a cloud?  Has anyone ever said that you must have got out of the wrong side of the bed? Have you ever felt grumpy for no good reason?  Good!  Then this is definitely the book for you.  Square Ness is feisty, funny, fiery, and fun.  She finds out a few very useful things – sometimes it’s OK not to feel OK.  You can’t have rainbows without rain, and you can’t see the stars unless it’s dark.