Book: I am Squarehead£12.99


There was once a boy called Squarehead who lived in a world where everything was square: absolutely everything! ¬†There were square people, square houses, square trees, square birds, you name it. If it wasn’t square, it wasn’t there. Then one day, out of the blue, a very strange thing happened to little Squarehead. He had a perfectly round thought!

This book is about being different. A square peg in a round world, or a round peg in a square world, or … you get the picture. Like all good stories it has a dog, a hairy scary monster and a happy ending.

Format: Hardback
Pages: 56
Size: 205mm x 205mm
ISBN: 9780992980603

“I like Squarehead because he teaches you it’s OK to be yourself.”
Kieran, Age 9

“I like Squarehead because he is so adventurous and brave and after his journey he becomes happy again.” ¬†Matteo, Age 7


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