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Hairy Scary’s Bad Day

By the end of a very difficult day, the Hairy Scary monster who lives under Squarehead’s bed has learned that you don’t have to be like monsters in magazines to be liked. Hugs are better than scares. And no-one hugs better than he does.

“Warning. If you buy this book, you may be asked to read it a million times a day.”  Bryan Adams (singer/songwriter).

Chinwag’s Tale

As far as most people in Squaretown are concerned, dogs should know their place.  They chew bones, chase balls and go for walks… and that’s it.  But Chinwag isn’t that sort of dog.  He’s a dog with dreams.  And when people start telling him he can’t do that and he can’t do this because he’s a dog – you’ll never guess what he ends up doing!

“If you believe in yourself, anything is possible.” Jenny Bevan (Oscar winning costume designer for Mad Max).