Everyone needs a square friend sometimes


About this time last year, a mum bought her little boy a Squarehead book and a Squarehead soft toy to go with it.  She’d never heard of Squarehead but the idea of a story that reassured children that it’s “OK to be You”, whoever you are, appealed to her.  Her son, we’ll call him Callum (not his real name) had been through a tough year.  His mum and dad had split up and he’d moved to a new school, where he was finding it hard to make new friends. Callum loved his new book – it soon became a fixture as a bedtime story – and his new knitted Squarehead became a firm friend.  He chatted to him all the time and took him everywhere.  Callum’s mum told us in an email, that Callum has now made some good new friends and is settling into his new life.  “I don’t know what we’d have done without Squarehead to see us through especially with the pandemic,” she wrote, “I think he became a friend to both of us.”  We’re so pleased for them, we thought we’d share the story with you here.  There are times when everyone could do with a square friend, and you might be interested to know that a new batch of handmade Squareheads and SquareNess’s have just arrived.  Do you have any Squarehead stories you’d like to share?  We’d love to hear. Drop us a line at hello@iamsquarehead.com