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I Know!


It was just the right kind of day to go fishing. Squarehead, SquareNess and Hairy Scary took a picnic lunch and three fishing rods down to the river, where they hoped to catch a fish for supper.

“I love fishing!” Said Hairy Scary as they walked down to the river.

“Me too.” Said Squarehead.

“Me three!” Said Ness.

It was lovely by the riverside. The water flowed lazily by, with a light shooshing sound, that made everything feel relaxed and calm. They took their rods out of their bags and began to piece them together. Squarehead glanced over at Hairy Scary and saw him frowning at the sections of rod.

“They all fit together…” He said, showing Hairy Scary his rod.

“I know!” Said Hairy, trying to put them together back to front.

“Like this.” Said Squarehead.

“I know!” Said Hairy Scary, even though he was doing it wrong.

Squarehead took out his reel and attached it to the rod. Then he carefully threaded the fishing line through the guides up to the very tip, then pulled it down and attached a float and a hook.

SquareNess did the same, paying close attention to the sharp bit of the hook to avoid sticking it into her finger.

Hairy Scary…well, Hairy Scary took out the reel and several fishing hooks and any number of floats and then tripped over his fishing box with a great crash.

“You do it like this.” Said SquareNess showing him her rod.

“I know!” Said Hairy Scary, picking a couple of hooks out of his hairy bottom. SquareNess caught Squarehead’s eye and grinned. Hairy Scary definitely did not know anything about fishing.

“Have you been fishing before?” She asked Hairy Scary.

“Of course!” Said Hairy “Those fish better watch out when I’m around.”

Squarehead attached a little piece of bread to his hook. Then he flicked back the line and cast it out into the middle of the river, where it landed with a small “plop!”

SquareNess squashed a little piece of bread onto the end of her hook and cast her line into the river too. “Plop!”

Hairy Scary picked up half a loaf and ate it. Then he burped loudly and looked around as if someone else had made the noise.

“You’re supposed to put the bread on the hook.” Said Squarehead.

“I know!” Said Hairy Scary, blushing under his fur.

Squarehead and SquareNess (and a couple of fish) watched as Hairy Scary tried to attach some bread to his hook and cast it into the river. Somehow, he kept hold of the hook and the fishing rod went flying through the air into the water. “Splash!”

“Might be better if you put the hook in the water, not the rod.” Said SquareNess.

“I know!” Said Hairy Scary.

“Are you sure you’ve been fishing before?” Asked Squarehead.

“Are you joking?” Said Hairy Scary “I could give lessons.”

“Lessons in how not to do it.” “Murmured SquareNess under her breath.

Hairy Scary pulled the rod back in and tried to untangle the line. The more he struggled, the more tangled up everything became. The fishing line had somehow wound itself around his legs and arms.

“I wouldn’t do that.” Said Squarehead, as Hairy Scary rolled around on the ground getting more and more tangled up in fishing line.

“I know!” said Hairy Scary.

They watched as he rolled closer and closer to the edge of the riverbank.

“Be careful!” Shouted Ness “You might fall in.”

“I know!” Said Hairy.

“Watch out!” Shouted Squarehead.

“I know!” Said a voice from inside a huge ball of tangled up fishing line, floats, and hooks. He teetered for a moment on the edge of the riverbank and then… tumbled into the water. When something as big as a Hairy Scary falls into a river, there is the most tremendous SPLASH.

Squarehead and SquareNess were covered by a great wave of water and stood there anxiously blinking and spluttering, trying to see what had happened to their friend.

Hairy Scary climbed slowly out of the river. He was all muddy and dripping wet and covered in…

“FISH!” He shouted. “I’ve caught a fish!!!!”

Believe it or not, he had! Tangled up in the web of line, wrapped around Hairy Scary was the most enormous fish. Suddenly it flopped free and landed on the ground in front of them.

“Told you I was good at fishing!” Said Hairy Scary.

“I know…” Sighed Squarehead.

SquareNess couldn’t help laughing. It was such a sight – I wish you could have seen it.

Later on, when Squarehead and Hairy Scary were both warm and dry and tucked up in bed, Squarehead said:

“Guess what three words are hardest to say?”

Hairy Scary thought for a minute, shook his head, and replied.

“I don’t know.”

“Right again.” Smiled Squarehead. “Sleep well Hairy.”

“You too.” Said Hairy Scary.

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