Rainbow Hunting


Squarehead was very excited. Today was National Find A Rainbow day. He had made a packed lunch and put it in his rucksack. He and Chinwag were going out to find a rainbow and take a picture of it. It was a beautiful, sunny day outside.

“Perfect Rainbow weather!” said Squarehead to Chinwag – who barked and ran around in small circles.

They set off, sure of finding a rainbow round the first corner at the end of the road. When they reached the turning they stopped for a moment.

“Left or right?” Asked Squarehead.

Chinwag barked and headed right. Squarehead followed.

They walked happily on for about half a mile and then stopped for a rest – just outside the park.

“I’m not sure, but I think it must be lunchtime.” Said Squarehead.

They walked into the park and sat down on a bench. Squarehead unpacked lunch. He had two cheese sandwiches, an orange, one chocolate biscuit and one dog biscuit and a bottle of water. He and Chinwag sat in warm sunshine soaking up the rays, each munching a sandwich.

“What are you two doing?” Asked a familiar voice. It was their friend Hairy Scary.

“We’re hunting rainbows, but we’ve stopped for lunch.” Said Squarehead. “Have you seen any?”

Hairy Scary smiled. “I saw one yesterday. I wonder if it’s still there?”

Squarehead, Hairy Scary and Chinwag decided that it would definitely be a good idea to go and have a look. So off they went towards the big lake, where Hairy Scary remembered seeing his rainbow.

It took them about half an hour and they were hot and tired by the time they got there, but very excited at the thought of the beautiful rainbow.

“Oh dear…” said Hairy Scary.

They looked out across the lake. There was a square man fishing from a little rowboat, but no rainbow.

“Hello!” Said Squarehead. “Have you seen a rainbow round here?”

“I left it here yesterday.” Said Hairy Scary.

The man smiled, shook his head and pointed up at the clear blue sky.

“Not really a day for rainbows.” He replied. “You need rain.”

“Ohhhhhh!” Said Squarehead – feeling a bit foolish, “Of course!”

They turned around and headed back home. It was such a beautiful afternoon and the sun was so warm and friendly that it was hard to feel too upset.

“Some days just aren’t rainbow days…” Said Squarehead to his dad who was outside cutting the grass when they got home.

“Wait a minute…” said his dad “I’ve got an idea.”

He told Squarehead and Hairy Scary to close their eyes for a moment and wait. Then he and Chinwag disappeared for a couple of minutes.

“Alright…” Said Squarehead’s dad. “You can open them now!”

They heard a wooshing, splashing noise and opened their eyes.

“Oh wow!” Said Squarehead.

“Oh WOW!” Said Hairy Scary.

“Woof!” Said Chinwag.

Squarehead’s dad had turned on the hose and was spraying water in a huge curving arc. The sun was shining through it and making their own personal rainbow.

“Who said it wasn’t a day for rainbows?” smiled Squarehead’s dad.

You can download a pdf of this story here: Hunting rainbows

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