Searching for Xmas presents? Try our shop.


How did this happen?  Christmas already.  Surely it was only Halloween last week?!!

Don’t worry help is at hand. The Squarehead shop is bursting with new items guaranteed to put smiles of joy on children’s faces up and down the land.  Look out for the brand new super-huggable Hairy Scary.  There’s a brand new book: Grumpy Ness Finds Happy Ness.  And to go with it, a beautiful new hand-knitted soft toy Square Ness (look what she has in her dress with pockets). There’s a glow in the dark Happiness Jar.  T-shirts. Soft toy Squarehead and Chinwag.  Ooo! Did we mention Happiness Bracelets (take a look!)? And of course all four Squarehead books.  Order now to avoid disappointment.