Yippee! Well done! You did it!


What a countdown!  In the dying hours of our Kickstarter, you helped us crash through the £6K mark to a final total of £6095!  It’s been an amazing month with so many amazing supporters.  Thank you all very much.  Running a Kickstarter is about more than just raising money, it raises your profile, which means that people notice you and many of them get in touch.  We’ve had offers of help, discussions about the way our books can help children, and learned that we have fans as far afield as New Zealand.

This is interesting: the figures given at Stats – Kickstarter says that only 43.71% of all the 77,015 projects acquire funding. Out of the 13 categories the highest success rate is for:

Dance (70.29%),
Theatre (64.05%)
Music (54.15%).

The lowest rates are:
Fashion (27.26%)
Publishing (31.34%)
Technology (32.77%)

This is the second time we’ve managed to get fully funded on Kickstarter.  We feel humbled, inspired and invigorated – ready to take Squarehead and friends to the next stage and beyond! We are nothing without our readers.  We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and hope to make you proud going forward.