Five days left to avoid a grumpy child.


Imagine the situation. Grumpy Ness Finds Happy Ness rolls off the printing presses.  Signed, numbered copies are placed into envelopes and hurried into the post.  A day later they start dropping through the letterboxes of excited children throughout the country – except in your house.  You meant to place your order, you nearly did, but something distracted you at the last minute.  You don’t have a copy, let alone a signed, numbered copy. Your little darling sighs sadly and says “It doesn’t matter…” But you can see how much it does. It’s tearing you apart, that look on their innocent little face. How could you?! But wait! It’s not too late. This doesn’t have to happen. You still have five days to place your order. Thank heavens! Click this link and your reputation can be saved!