How a book can help a depressed child see the good in life


How do you help a child, who is anxious and depressed, see life through different eyes?  How do you help them make sense of the bad things that might have happened to them? How do you help them find a balance?  Well, the truth is that there’s no quick answer. It takes patience and understanding and a lot of listening. Children who are depressed often have trouble opening up to other people.  One help here could be a little girl called Square Ness, the character from our new book.  She wakes up one morning under a cloud which just keeps growing bigger and bigger.  She can’t see any reason to feel good about anything, until, she discovers a fundamental truth about life – you need bad things, to have good things.  Without rain, there can’t be rainbows.  Without darkness, there can’t be light.  And she learns that bad moods, like weather, will pass in time.  To a child who sees no reason to trust adults, a character from a book can be a big help. In the reading of the book, the discovery of the truth about life becomes their own discovery.  And something you’ve discovered for yourself is all the more convincing.

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