It’s ok not to feel ok…ok?


Honestly, it’s fine. Kids really need to know that, because some days it feels like the world is having a party and they weren’t invited. There are other days when you just wake up in a grump. That’s what happened to Square Ness.  She woke with a cloud hanging over her, feeling so low she could barely speak. Until she bumped into Squarehead, she wasn’t sure she’d ever be happy again. He offered her a piece of advice that made no sense at first. But then she began to see… You need rain to have rainbows. You need yucky worms to help the flowers grow. You need dark to have light. And you wouldn’t know what a good mood was if you didn’t have bad moods. Life works in opposites and everything passes if you give it time. When the dreary days come, there’s one thing that will definitely help: a happiness jar.  If you want to know what that is – you’ll have to read our new book (Grumpy Ness Finds Happy Ness).  And if you want to read the book, the best thing is to order an advance copy from our Kickstarter.  (And maybe tell a few friends to do the same.) Do that and you’ll definitely put smiles on everyones faces!