Square Ness Needs You!


Today is the day our Kickstarter goes live.  Please help us get Grumpy Ness Finds Happy Ness into print.  All we’re asking you to do is order an advance copy, or several copies, or any one of the other rewards available.  If enough people do this, we’ll hit our target and we can hurry round to the printers.  The only catch is that this is an all or nothing event.  If we hit the target, we get the money.  If we miss it, we don’t. (Don’t worry – if we miss, your money is safely returned by Kickstarter.)  We are super-excited, sweaty-palmed, anxious and over-emotional.  Fingers and toes are crossed!  The button has been pressed – we’re live.  You now have 30 days to get us to the printers!