Today could be a great…


It’s yet another rainy Monday morning.  I’ve just come back from a sodden walk on Hampstead Heath with Luna  – the inspiration for Chinwag’s Tale.  For me it was a somewhat grim walk, head down, earphones in, rainwater dripping down my neck periodically.  For her it was the usual madly enthusiastic dash, smells everywhere, other dogs to say hello to.  In the end her enthusiasm for life rubbed off on me and we both returned home muddy, wet and happy.

I have a project that I’ve been pushing for over year now.  It’s been turned down by so many people, it would be easy, perhaps sensible, to get disheartened and drop it.  But something won’t let me.  Watching my little dog deal with a miserable looking day with such energy and happiness reminds me to, at least try to, do the same.

One of themes in Chinwag’s Tale is: don’t give up on something because other people don’t think you’re up to it. We’ve all noticed how self-confidence breeds confidence in others.  If we can instil a sense of resolve and self-belief in our children, that chances of them being successful in whatever they choose to do with their lives are incrementally increased.

I’m sorry if this has been a bit of a ramble, but there’s a point lurking in the undergrowth: believe in yourself and you can go a long way.

Have a good day.  No, have a great day!