You never know…


I woke up with a real Monday feeling this morning.  Another week of January to endure.  Seven more gruelling days to drag myself through.  I knew exactly what today would be like.  Who needs it?

Dropped the kids to school – glued to the mobiles all the way, deaf to all orders to put them down.  Collected a coffee  – lukewarm of of course.  Took the dog for it’s morning walk – nothing but joy and sunshine from the dog:  “Wet and muddy – great! I love wet and muddy! I love Mondays!  I love everything!  Life is great! Isn’t it?  Isn’t life great?  Go on throw the ball!”  There are few better mood lifters than dogs.

Halfway round the walk, my phone rang.  Surprisingly it wasn’t British gas with some new ludicrous excuse as to why their engineer couldn’t fix the boiler – still not working after a week. It’s someone I haven’t spoken to for months; they’ve got good news about a project I had assumed was dead in the water.  Wow!  Who’d have thought.

The phone pings again – an email.  Surprisingly not a message from Jeremy Corbyn; someone has just bought nine Squarehead books from our site.  I love these sales notices, they’re like a little pat on the back from someone I’ve never met.  I walk around grinning like an idiot for least an hour afterwards.

By the time I get home this is no longer the Monday I was expecting.

Whatever kind of day you’re having, it’s worth reminding yourself, that none of us know what’s around the corner.  Just a walk down the road can bring some cheer.

I hope your day turns out to be a real corker.  (I can already hear my wife saying “corker” what kind of word is that?!!”)   It’s only 10:30am, I can’t wait to see what the rest of the day brings.