This day is yours.


Like many others, I woke up yesterday to find that the world had turned white overnight.  “Ugh, snow!” I grumbled.  All I could see was a difficult, cold, slippery day ahead.

“YIPPEE SNOW!” Shouted my two boys as the curtains parted.  From their excited smiles you’d think they’d just been given the best Christmas present ever.  They hastily pulled on t-shirts and slippers and couldn’t understand why they weren’t being allowed into the garden immediately to build snowmen.

The dog picked up on their excitement and started barking and wagging and running round in circles.  She didn’t know what was up but it was definitely something BRILLIANT!

Finally, dog and boys got outside and set about having a great time.

And what does this ramble go to prove? Perhaps it could be, when life dumps snow on you, make snowmen?  Or how about: whatever day you think it’s going to be…you’re probably right?

A day later I’m staring out at freezing rain, which is turning the snow to mush.  The boys are at school.  The dog has wisely gone for an extended snooze.

Perhaps I’ll go for a coffee in the cheery cafe up the road.  Then a browse in the bookshop next door.  Could be quite a pleasant morning.  Could all this meandering could be the beginning of another Squarehead book?  You never know.

Have a great day – if you want to x