Coping with round thoughts…


You may remember that in our first book, a little square-headed boy, who lives in a world where everything is square is suddenly confronted with “a round thought”.  It sends him into a terrible spin and forms the basis for the rest of the story.  Over the years we’ve found that children really respond to his situation.  They understand what Squarehead is going through and can apply it directly to their own lives.

In the Lessons For Life plan that we’ve been developing to go with the Squarehead book series, one of the first questions teachers are encouraged to ask their pupils is:  how did the round thought make Squarehead feel?  They are then encouraged to take an outline of a round thought and fill it in for themselves with drawings or cuttings from magazines.   It’s no exaggeration to say: they love it.

The truth is we’re all burdened with “round thoughts” at one time or another.  They are often things that we find hard to talk about with other people for fear of how they will react.  As we mature, we learn coping mechanisms, but that doesn’t mean the round thoughts stop.  For children, who often haven’t yet learned how to cope, the opportunity to unload these thoughts is particularly helpful.

Just as useful as doing their own “unloading”, is being able to see that they are not alone.  One look around the room will tell them that everyone has to deal with things that make them feel uncomfortable, or different.  Doing the “round thoughts” exercise together with their classmates at least removes loneliness from the emotional mix.

The funny thing is, that once you realise you’re not the only one having round thoughts – they don’t seem so strange any more.

Squarehead’s Lessons For Life plan – a series of structured lessons based on the books – will soon be available for schools.  You can buy “I am Squarehead” on our site for £5.99 – today if you want!