Squarehead’s Lessons for Life



We all want our children to be confident and resilient.  However, the world can be stressful place to grow up in these days.  Children have to cope with issues and pressures their parents don’t always understand, like social media.  They are often made to feel they have to conform to whatever their friends are up to.   Children as young as 4 are having to cope with a sense of being different of being themselves, while they learn to socialise with others.  It can be a puzzling experience.

In an effort to support children, schools are running wellbeing courses (PSHE) to help them cope with the pressures of modern life and give them a safe space to express and explore their feelings.  They are taught to understand and accept differences and to celebrate their uniqueness.  It’s good to be different!

We’ve been putting our heads together with teachers from a number of different schools and are in the process of developing Squarehead’s Lessons for Life.

The Lessons for Life Plan will offer teachers a set of tools to help children with self-worth, self-confidence, self-love, respect and kindness to others.  It’s often helpful to have characters for children to relate to and these lessons are all linked to themes in the Squarehead books.

Soon , we hope to launch the Lessons for Life Plan (together with the books as a package specially discounted for schools).

We know how tough life can be for kids.  We’d like to help them understand (like Squarehead does) that the best thing you can be in life is yourself!