Listen to Margit on the radio!


This Thursday 1st September, make an appointment with your radio, or your laptop or your car – anywhere you can listen to the radio.  Tune in to Jo Good on Radio London at 3pm.  In a spot known as The Barking Hour you’ll hear Margit talking live about Chinwag’s Tale.

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This will be the second time Margit has been on Jo Good’s show.  She was on last Friday as well.  You can hear that appearance here:  from about 1:34 onwards.

Margit’s appearance on the show is all down to the efforts of one her good friends,  who is a long-time Squarehead supporter.  It’s incredibly exciting to get a mention on public media and it’s set us thinking.

We wonder if there is anyone else out there who could help us with a radio interview, or a TV appearance (we can dream can’t we!)?

Both Margit and I are willing to travel (within reason) and we’re delighted with any opportunity to go public and spread the word.  Yes, you could say that we’re the kind of people who are happy to appear at the opening of a matchbox.  So if you know of an opening – do get in touch!


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