Want 40% off?


Got a kids party coming up?  There’s always a question about going home presents.  How about giving something  little different this year, something that might stay with them for a lifetime, rather than the few seconds it takes to rip it open?  Give them a Squarehead book.

When we supply bookshops, the seller always asks for a trade discount.  It’s usually 40%.  That’s the profit the shop will make each time it sells a book.  It makes sense, especially when shops are ordering books in quantity.  If it makes sense for shops, why shouldn’t it make sense for our friends too?

In the run up to getting ready for the launch of Chinwag’s Tale, we’d like to offer you the same discount – 40%.  Is there a catch?  Well, kind of.

This discount is available for all orders of ten books or more – but if you’ve got a children’s party coming up ten books should be about right.

This offer will be available in shop very soon – but if you’d like to order immediately, get in touch.


If you know anyone else who might like some books – do pass this on.

More soon.




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