Chinwag Needs YOU!


Margit and I managed one of our rare face-to-face meetings at the end of last week.  I love it when we have a chance to sit down together because it always turns into an idea storm.

Top of the agenda was the launch of our new book: Chinwag’s Tale.  As the third in the series, it feels freighted with importance. We want to do it justice.  Although it’s a story for children, its values are very close to our hearts.  Chinwag is a dog that won’t allow himself to be put down by the doubts of others.  Yes he’s an underdog, but doesn’t everyone love an underdog?

We’re underdogs too.  A here’s the big issue that we face.  How do you launch a book when you have barely any funds?  It’s going to take all we’ve got just to print it.

Before long we were both giggling with excitement – we have an idea!  Let me share it.

We want to create a do-it-yourself book launch.  We have lots of support on social media.  Loads of Facebook and Twitter friends.  Many of them are the original people who supported our Kickstarter appeal in the first place. Don’t worry we’re not asking for money!  We do need your help though.

We want to create (the first??) crowd sourced/supported book launch.  We are calling it  Chinwag’s DIY book launch.  In the run up to launch week, we will supply lots of cool artwork, character drawings, posters, all manner of funny bits and pieces.  We ask that you use them wherever you can; on Facebook, on Twitter and any other social media, to help us raise awareness for Chinwag’s big book launch.

During launch week (tbc sometime in October) we’d love it if you would change your profile picture for one we supply.  If everyone we know, could persuade just one more person to help, and they could pass on the baton to someone else and so on, we could have a launch and a half.

We hope to turn our, no YOUR, launch into a story in its own right.  If we do that, then newspapers and magazines and other sites and even TV stations might give us a mention.  The sky really is the limit.

You can probably see why we were giggling with excitement by now!


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