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In Dogtober (yes you read it right, it comes after September!) we hope to launch our third Squarehead story.  As I’ve mentioned before, it features a brave little dog called Chinwag, who refuses to be told he can’t do something just because he’s a dog.  Like all our books, this one carries a message about self-confidence, self-esteem and self-belief.  I guess it also contains our own story – having made the decision to go out on a limb and become our own publisher.

It’s been an exciting ride.  I’m constantly amazed at and grateful to  the clever and generous people who have helped us on our way.

We head towards our  launch, with nothing much in the way of funds, and a distinct underdog feeling. Yet we’re  making plans for this to be our BIGGEST, most professional launch yet.  We want this to be humungous!

It’s one of the great truths about any venture that the more you learn, the more you know you need to learn.  It’s also important never to be afraid to ask for help…

So that’s what I’m doing now: HELP!

We need reviewers.  We need publicists to help spread the word.  We need help to build our e-mailing list.  We need advice on how best to use Facebook, adwords and any other clever online stuff.  We need advice from anyone who knows what they are doing.  Please get in touch.  If you know someone who could help us – please prompt them to get in touch.  Let’s make Chinwag’s Tale our first BLOCKBUSTER.

Fingers crossed!


Kate Cooper

July 26, 2016

Hi Simon & Margit, Great news about the new book. I’m more than happy to give you a review and help spread the word as much as I can. I’m certainly tapped in to a very large mums network these days that i can share links / reviews with. I’m also playing with digital these days so can help with ad words etc. but there might be someone more qualified out there who can help.
Just let me know,
Kate x


July 26, 2016

Hi Kate,

Thanks so much – that’s brilliant! We’d love to take you up your offer! Yippee!

Jax Blunt

July 27, 2016

Love your books, very happy to help spread the word. Could carry an article/interview about the creative process if it’s any help?


July 27, 2016

Hi Jax,
Thanks so much – will definitely take you up on your offer. Will be in touch soon.
Simon x

Karen Cartwright

July 27, 2016

how about a physical launch (party) / signing. I have a venue you could use…


July 28, 2016

Hi Karen,
Sounds great, where did you have in mind?

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