MR Fox makes us No.1


Here are 5 of our favourite Crowdfunded success stories, projects that captured the public’s imagination and met their funding goals: meaning brilliant products you can buy right now.

Kickstarter and IndieGogo have quickly become the go-to crowdfunding platforms for creative projects, from avant-garde documentaries and gaming apps to drones, environmental causes and new children’s story books. In its first five years, Kickstarter alone has raised nearly $1 billion for more than 50,000 projects.  And it’s not just about raising money these days either: such is the power of the platforms to gauge market interest, get product feedback and forecast sales that huge multinational companies are (controversially) getting in on the act as well, using unknown subsidiaries to test new product lines before launch.

1. I am Squarehead

Square head, round thoughts. So read the Facebook status that led to screenwriter Simon Frank and his friend and illustrator Margit Mulder creating the beautiful and heartwarming tale I am Squarehead a book for any child who’s ever felt like a misfit. Along with his friends Chinwag the dog and Hairy Scary monster, Squarehead goes on an adventure and learns to find his place in the world. And, of course, finds a happy ending.

Reaching their funding target on Kickstarter in less than 3 days, Squarehead is now taking the world by storm. A second book (backed by Virgin Start-Up) will be released this year, soft toys are in the pipeline and Squarehead himself is soon to be the face of a brand: look out for that adorable square face on Ocado’s Wholegood kids organic snack range, launching soon.




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