Top Secret! New book!


There’s a new Squarehead book on the way. It’s written and the illustrations are nearly finished too.   No prizes for guessing who it’s about. You’ve read about Squarehead and Hairy Scary, this is Chinwag’s tale.  (It’s still Top Secret so we can’t even show the cover yet!)

If you’re familiar with first book, you’ll know that Chinwag is the little dog that Squarehead met on his journey. He named him Chinwag – not because he’s a great talker, but because he’s a very good listener and that makes other people want to talk to him.

Good listener he may be, but in this next book all he hears are people telling him he can’t do this and he can’t do that. It’s enough to make a dog’s tale droop right down.

But, Chinwag isn’t the kind of dog that will just lie down and do what other people think he should do. When his tail is down, Chinwag reveals himself to be a truly exceptional dog indeed.


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